Hey, there! I appreciate you wanting to learn more about me – as a real estate professional, a neighbor, and a person. I’ve posted my “official” bio below. Briefly, though, here some highlights of my life.

  • Obtained real estate license in 2003
  • Mom of one son
  • Florida native
  • Animal lover
  • Plant mom
  • Writing and reading aficionado
  • Kayak paddler
  • Amateur photographer

Now, here’s the official bio you’ll find on all my sites. If you want to know more about me, scoot down below the bio and the photo. I’ve posted 25 Get-to-Know-Me Questions.

“Cristina has been a licensed real estate consultant since 2003. Her experience and knowledge spans many demographics and types of markets. She is equally comfortable working with first time buyers, investors, or luxury clients, and has experience working in sellers markets, buyers markets, and normal markets. In 2009, Cris moved to the Tampa Bay area and has never felt more at home. She lives in a quaint home walking distance to downtown Dunedin. She enjoys the many festivals and fairs in Dunedin as well as the proximity to the water and Gulf of Mexico. During her down time, you can find Cris out kayaking, riding her bike on the Pinellas Trail, trying one of the new restaurants the Bay Area offers, or photographing the many beautiful places around Tampa.”

I took my son to the Florida Association of Realtors convention in August. He enjoyed parts of it, but this wasn’t one of those parts!

25 Get-to-Know-Me Questions

1. What is my middle name? Caridad. It’s Hispanic and means “charity”.

2. What was my favorite subject in school? In high school, my senior year, my favorite subject(s) were my electives. I front-loaded my high school experience so I had five electives in my senior year, and my favorite classes were photography, drafting, and drama. In college, I enjoyed both my economics and my marketing classes.

3. What is my favorite drink? Hands down, water. I love that stuff. And tea, particularly Earl Grey.

On a cold Florida winter day, the Princess likes soft blankies and I like my hot tea.

4. What is your favorite song at the moment? That really depends on my mood. If my brain is frazzled, I reach for something zen, like bamboo flutes. If I’m feeling energetic, however, I might listen to rock, alternative rock, or EDM. The only thing I really don’t listen to is country.

5. What is your favorite food? Salad. I love salad and eat it daily for lunch, sometimes for dinner or breakfast, too. Arugula, spinach, tomato, cucumber, radish, and some kind of protein with olive oil and salt for a dressing.

My favorite kind of salad. I added flowers from our native “weed”, Bidens alba.

6. What is the last thing you bought? Groceries yesterday at lunch time. Flank steak for dinner last night, soup to go with my salad for lunch, and bacon for breakfast today.

7. Favorite book of all time? I have a very old copy of Oliver Wendell Holmes’ book of poetry. That one is probably my favorite because it’s so old and poetry is a favorite of mine.

8. Favorite color? Yellow.

9. Do you have any pets? Of course! Right now we have a dog and a cat. The dog, Hitch, we found running on the side of I-75 about 13 years ago. He’s some kind of terrier mix. He once loved to terrorize squirrels, birds, and lizards in the back yard. Now he just likes to sleep. I figure he’s earned it. The cat, Crystal, showed up on our doorstep in 2014. She thinks she should have her own IG channel. We often call her “Princess” because she acts like one so often.

10. Favorite holiday? Halloween and Christmas. I love to decorate for both, and I love to find the perfect gift to give to people.

11. Have you been out of the country? If so, how many times and where? I have been and enjoy it every time. I’ve been to Canada, Jamaica, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, the Bahamas, Ireland, England, Haiti, Honduras, and Belize. I think that’s it.

12. How many siblings do you have? I have a younger brother.

13. Can you cook? I can, and I love to cook. I even love to cook for many people!

14. Why did you pursue a career in real estate? Initially, it was a way to get out of waiting tables and bartending. I never intended it to be a full time career because I never considered myself a very good salesperson. Over the years, however, it’s something I kept coming back to. Eventually I realized three things:

  1. If you do it right, you’re a real estate consultant or advisor, not a salesperson. It’s a relationship business, not a sales business.
  2. I’m good at it.
  3. I really do enjoy it.

So, I stuck with it and have had the opportunity to work in many roles in the industry which, I think, broadens my experience in ways many other Realtors don’t have.

15. How do you make yourself a priority? I’m still figuring that out! I go to the gym every day at lunch time, meditate almost every night, and pretty much allow myself to not feel pressured to do “something” if I’m tired.

16. What are your hobbies or favorite “other” things to do? So many. So little time! I love photography and take my DSLR camera with me a lot so I can take photos if the mood or subject strikes. Kayaking is one of my favorite activities, especially alone in the morning or evening because the water tends to be calm, and it’s so serene. I’m a big fan of travel and writing and have combined the two into my travel blog, Wander Florida, where I recount our travel experiences around Florida.

17. Favorite thing about your childhood? Looking back… all of it! We lived on a boat that my parents built. Only for a couple of years, but it’s an experience that probably kick-started my love of travel and learning while I travel. We “cruised” up and down the East Coast of the US for 9 months or so, were homeschooled, and were able to have living lessons. We learned about Civil War stuff while in South Carolina, about Ponce de Leon and the first settlement in the US while in St. Augustine, about science by witnessing it first hand, about English and writing by writing and exploring our own personal stories wherever we were. It was an amazing way to learn.

18. Favorite life quote? My soul purpose is serving love.

19. What is your Big Why? I have a couple of them. The first is to travel more. I want to travel to out-of-the-way places and experience those cultures deeply. I’m not interested in the type of travel where you hit 10 countries in 14 days and only see the major tourist attractions. The second is that I’d like to make enough money to be able to give away the majority of it. I want to be able to start a fund or foundation that assists single mothers who have left a difficult marriage to purchase their first home, perhaps through down payment assistance or something similar. I also want to give to animal sanctuaries and rescues.

20. Which is more important: what you say or how you say it? I learned recently that different people “hear” words differently. What I mean by that is that about half of people “hear” the emotion behind the words you speak so for them how you say something is most important. The other people “hear” the words you speak so for them what you say is most important. Therefore, both are important. It’s imperative we learn to read other people to be able to communicate with them in the most effective manner.

21. Do you live to work or work to live? One of the things we say at Keller Williams Realty a lot is “the purpose of business is to fund the perfect life”. So, I work to live. Despite the evil rap that money gets, the reality is that money is really good for all the good things it can do. Work enables us to have more money which means we can fund the perfect life and do more good in the world.

22. Are you religious? If so, what religion? I was raised Catholic; however, I consider myself spiritual, not religious. I’ve read a lot about many different religions, including some of their religious texts and find myself drawn to different aspects of all of them. At the core, however, I believe all religions are born of a need to find answers, acceptance, and love. Whether that is internally or externally very much depends on the religion. For myself, I prefer to find it internally which is more in line with gnostic Christianity, Buddhism, and other such religions, and I believe the world is my church. There is beauty everywhere, if we just allow ourselves to pause long enough to experience it.

23. What was the last thing you did that was really worth remembering? There’s something every day. Yesterday at lunch, several of us in the office sat at a large table in the middle of the office. We ended up having an impromptu mastermind around finances, investing, and the like. It’s worth remembering because we’re an office who, at the heart, is all about sharing ideas and knowledge. And this was the perfect example of that. It’s really wonderful to be able to exchange and explore the many different experiences of some of the top Realtors in the area. It makes us stronger as an office, stronger as individual Realtors, and stronger as work family and friends.

24. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to ride and train horses professionally. And I did for about 9 years.

My horse, Petey, and I warming up for a class in Wellington around 1992-1993.

25. Who is your celebrity crush? I have two right now – David Tennant and Chris Pratt.

Check out my home search site at www.realtorcrisintampa.com. On there you can search homes, save neighborhoods you’re interested in, save homes you love, see local recommendations and insights, see school info, calculate commute times and much more.

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